About me

How it all started?

When I was a child, I used to fight with my older brother Jacek. To be honest, it was him who was beating me, because he was three years older then me.

I started boxing in 1999 when I was thirteen. My idol was Mike Tyson.

When I was 18 I became a father, finished high school, worked and trained. I could not study further, because it was necessary to support my family. All this required from me a lot of determination and strength. I think that if you believe in yourself and work hard, you can defeat any obstacle.

Im a boxer

I enter the ring only to fight. I try to be always prepared for the fight, that is my main focus. I don’t fancy interviews or showing myself in media. I want to have a private life.

I don’t like to talk too much, I prefer to prove who I am on the ring. I adore my hometown Wałcz. This is the place where I can truly rest mentally, relax and spend free time with my family. I would not like to live in any other place.