Glowkas story

Krzysztof Głowacki is a Polish boxer who was born on July 31st 1986 in Wałcz - West Pomerania province. The first club where he was training was Orzeł Wałcz. He started aikido and karate, to finally become a boxer.

He was a professional junior heavyweight world champion in WBO organization, gold medalist of Polish youth championships in amateur boxing in 2003-2005 and vice-champion in senior super heavy category in 2007. In 2008, he won a bronze medal. As a amateur, he has fought 125 times, won 102 fights, 3 ended as draw and 20 lost fights for boxer. In 2006-2008 he was an Olympic athlete.

His professional career began in 2008 when he debuted on the professional ring. He won his first fight on points. After six rounds, he defeated two years younger Mariusz Radziszewski. His third fight was on November 7 of the same year, also against the Pole – Dariusz Balla. Głowacki’s victory was decided by technical knockout in the second round. Thus, for the first time, he won ahead of time.

In the following year, on September 20th , he managed to win the vacant belt of BBU International Champion federation. Then, after six rounds, he defeated Luke Rusiewicz. On December 20th of the same year, he won the fight in the third round against Josip Jalusici by technical knockout.

On March 17th 2011, after six rounds, he defeated on points Ismail Abdoul. After the elbow surgery, he returned on ring on April 2nd 2011 to beat Levan Jomardashvili. By technical knockout in the sixth round he won with Felipe Romero on August 18th 2012 , then the first time he defended his title of International Polish Champion in junior heavy category. In this fight he also boxed for WBO Intel-Continental vacant belt.

He beated a Jamaican - Richard Hallam by technical knockout after three rounds. Gala was held at the Wieliczka Salt Mine on October 19th 2013. In Rzeszów, he again faced Ismail Abdoul, which happened on June 28th 2014. Głowacki defeated Belgian boxer unanimously on points. It was a duel as a rematch. It lasted eight rounds. In Toruń, he faced Nuri Seferim on January 31st 2015 at gala Wojak Boxing Night. He won unanimously on points. The fight lasted twelve rounds. At the gala, which was held on August 14th 2014 in Prudential Center in Newark, he won by knockout against German Mark Huck. He was defending his belt for the fourteenth time. Głowacki defeated him in the eleventh round, winning the belt of WBO world champion.

His first title defense took place on April 16th 2016 in New York, in Brooklyn. Polish boxer won on points with Steve Cunningham. After this fight, he ranked on the first place among junior heavyweight boxers category according to the rating service