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Krzysztof Głowacki became injured during the latest September fight with the Olympic gold winner – Oleksander Usyk and will have a surgery for right elbow. He has damaged not only an elbow, but also a wrist which will be regenerated with a series of injections.

Boxer will have a rehabilitation that will probably last several weeks. That is why he will have to rest till the end of this year. Therefore, his next fight will appear in 2017. Głowacki didn’t lose his optimism and assure that he’ll take back the WBO belt. He has took his lesson and learned from his failures. Next year belongs to him!


On April 16th 2016, Krzysztof Głowacki has won once again. He defeated Steve Cunnigham on points on the gala that was in New York. That victory was not easy but the boxer from Wałcz has stayed with his title – WBO cruiser-weight champion. It was even more harder because Głowacki, at that time, was suffering from bronchitis.

Krzysztof Głowacki knocked down his rival during round 2, but he was aware that Cunnigham was not an easy opponent and will not surrender that easy. Overall, Cunningham has laid on the ground four times but he still was not knock out. Głowacki’s rival couldn’t properly use his experience and excellent physical capabilities, still he would not give up to the end. Głowacki, even in his weakened state, has managed to win in an excellent style. He made an impression on spectators by showing his advantage and determination.


At the moment when Krzysztof Głowacki defeated Marco Huck, he went down in Polish boxing history. This fight took place on August 14th 2015 on the Premier Boxing Champions gala in Newark. Polish boxer has already won the first few clashes and exerted his opponent on pressure. He managed to dodge counterattacks in an excellent style. This fight was quite balanced and finished at the end of round 11. Głowacki dynamically attacked Huck by his right fist and after that, German boxer collapsed on the ground. That was the first champion battle in Głowacki’s career. The WBO belt belonged to Huck since 2009 and he was defending it 13 times.